Water Games - Dive into our Top 5 Favourites

Summer means sun, fun, and most importantly, lots of splashy play! ! Whether you're lounging in your backyard pool or by a shimmering beach, games to play in the water are always a hit

Woman in swimming costume in the pool with a ball in her hand

Experience the Best Pool Games and Activities for Everyone 

We've got an overview of the best fun swimming pool games for adults and kids listed here for you to add fun and exercise to your swimming experience! Paddling pool games, underwater games, fun swimming... Get ready to combine swimming and muscles training! :) 

1. Piggyback Duel - A Fun Pool Game for Adults and Kids Alike

Seeking pool party games for your next bash? Then you should definitely go for the piggyback duel. For this you need at least 4 people. Each team has two members - one rides piggyback on the other. The goal? Knock the opposing team's rider into the water.  The first person to do this is the winner! It's one of those fun pool games that works best in a pool, but adventurous souls can try it in a lake or sea, ensuring the bottom is even.

2. Dive into Water Volleyball - A Top Choice for Pool Games for Adults 

Volleyball is a great water game, mixing activity pool fun and sports and the water's buoyancy ensures even non-swimmers can enjoy. You are in the water up to your belly button and need at least 2 players and a volleyball. While a net is great, it's not compulsory.The great thing about this game compared to traditional beach volleyball is the absence of sand. No matter what you fall into water and you don't get dirty

Our tip: For this and other swimming pool games, opt for non-slip swimwear. For a professional edge, use our exclusive beach volleyball bikinis

3. Challenge Yourself with the Water Olympics

Combine multiple types of pool games into one single pool activity - the Water Olympics! This way you can train different types of swimming and have lots of fun at the same time. Besides swimming competitions you can partake in games like long-distance diving, apnoea diving, or even a water noodle fight. Be creative and consider which pool challenges suit your group best. Tailor the experience whether you're by the pool, sea, or lake. This can also be turned into a great pool game for kids.

4. Dive Deep in Underwater Games - Retrieve rings from the Pool’s bottom

Underwater games like this are particularly suitable for swimming lessons as they are both fun and a workout. This game can be played with an unlimited number of people in the water. The person who retrieves the most rings out of the water with only one breath wins. To make the game more difficult, it’s best to scatter the rings all over the pool and not just in one place. This water game is also suitable to be played in open water (sea or lake), but in this case remember to use swimming goggles for better visibility.

→ With well-fitting swim caps for women, you are ideally equipped to fish as many rings out of the pool as possible. 

5. Race Away with the Air Matress Challenge - A Top Choice among Pool Games

Tired of swimming or diving? How about paddling? The air mattress race is a delightful activity especially suitable to be played in the sea or lake, because there is more space. This water game can also be played by as many people as you like. Everyone gets an air mattress, and the race begins! Each player has to sit or lie on their air mattress and may not leave it at any time during the race. Don’t forget to set a clear finish line that the winner must reach beforehand! 

Remember: Safety is paramount. Steer clear of water games when sea currents are too strong.

Which swimming games did you love most? Feel free to leave a comment with your favourites. Feedback is always welcome!

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