How To Wear Your JOLYN One Piece Swimsuit & Choosing Your Fit

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Buying swimsuits online is never easy. While our size chart is awesome and gives you an idea of how your measurements stack up against our sizing, it’s also important to know how the swimsuit is designed to fit! This guide will teach you where each part of the swimsuit is meant to sit, and how you should feel in the size that is built for your bod.


Our one piece swimsuit cuts are designed to sit up a bit higher on the hip than other brands - the higher on the hip, the more mobility you have when you’re active - you're welcome. When putting your one piece swimsuit on for the first time, make sure it's pulled taut around your pelvis and sitting on or above your hip bone. If your suit isn't sitting high enough on your hips, the torso length will feel too short, and the entire fit will not be comfortable.


We purposely don't make our suits with shelves or extra padding across the chest so you get the closest, most sleekest fit possible. This means that your one piece swimsuit will be very snug around your boobies, because we want to keep those girls as secure and as non-slip as possible. Your onesie should sit at least a hand-width down from your collarbone. If it feels too low on your chest, try pulling your whole suit up higher (shuffle it up a bit higher in your hips).


Your one piece swimsuit should sit smoothly across the length of your torso, with no bunching of material. Bunching means your suit might be too big, or that you need to tighten the straps to keep the material taught.


The straps do need to be pretty tight to keep everything in place, but because we spend so much time strapped in, ain't nobody got time for bruising or chafing after a long set. Make sure your straps don't dig in too deep over your shoulders by tying them up super snug, then checking if you can fit your index finger under the strap.


The coverage of your suit depends on how it will sit on your bum. If you opt for a fuller coverage, you'll get more material and a scoop-look around your cheeks. If you go for our mid-coverage, the cut will go across your cheek. 

As always, if you need any help or have any questions, we're here to help! Email us directly at 

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